About the Collaborative

The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative is an operational learning and ACTing collaborative between colleges/schools of pharmacy and clinically integrated networks of community-based pharmacies.

The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative will:


Unite colleges/schools of pharmacy and pharmacist leaders nationwide with a common focus to transform community-based pharmacy practice. 


Mobilize stakeholders and resources to support and facilitate implementation of community-based pharmacy care.


Amplify the development and implementation of sustainable community-based pharmacy care delivery.



The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative has been designed as a direct result of the input and interest expressed by CPESN  luminaries and faculty at colleges/schools of pharmacy.

Through the grant, we were able to hold an initial focus group of 14 faculty and 14 CPESN luminaries representing 14 states to begin the development of a “Blueprint for Successful Partnerships” to Support Community Pharmacy Practice Transformation nationally. Through the CPESN Annual Meeting in April 2019, we were able to obtain input from over 80 community pharmacists/owners nationwide regarding their interest and goals in working with colleges/schools of pharmacy.  In June 2019, we sought community-focused faculty input on this blueprint, receiving over 70 responses from 104 invited faculty through a nationwide survey. Since the initial focus group, over 110 faculty have expressed interest from 66 colleges/schools of pharmacy in 33 states nationwide.



Clear, Shared VisionUnderstanding what can be accomplished together is greater than what can be accomplished alone


RespectRecognizing each partner’s structure, strengths and unique contributions


TrustShared commitment to the collaborative and to establishing champions and administrative leadership buy-in from each partner


Open CommunicationExpectation of two-way, open communication with clear lines of how to communicate


Agility: Highly agile partnerships allowing to grow and quickly adapt to changes on either side

Collaborative Goal

Support the transformation of community-based pharmacy practice from a product-based care model to a community-based pharmacy care delivery model

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