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Pharmacy Closures in the U.S.

A spotlight on pharmacy closures affecting communities across the United States

Know of a pharmacy that recently closed and isn't on the map? Send us the pharmacy name and address at our email:

Pharmacies are often the most accessible point of healthcare in a community, and the alarming rate at which both corporate and independent pharmacies are closing poses a grave public health risk. This map from the ACT Pharmacy Collaborative highlights only a fraction of these closures across the country, providing media stories where available about how each closure is affecting local communities.
Pharmacists are patient care providers and medication experts, and community pharmacies often serve as the “front door to health” for communities nationwide. When community pharmacies close, patients lose access to their crucial—and sometimes only—healthcare provider.

Explore closure stories in the media by clicking dots on the map or navigating to the states below. You can also toggle on different map layers my selecting the expand menu icon in the upper left corner of the map.

"A" States
CVS Birmingham
CVS Huntsville
City Drug
Midtown Pharmacy
York Pharmacy

Walgreens Muscle Shoals
Geneva Woods (2)
Ron's Apothecary

C.A.R.E. Pharmacy

Call's Community Pharmacy
CenKare Pharmacy
CenterWell Pharmacy
Clark's Pharmacy
CVS Central Arizona (4)
CVS Northern Arizona (1)
CVS Southern Arizona (1)
Diabetic Apothecary
Genoa Healthcare
HealthRx Pharmacy
Liton Rx
People's Choice Pharmacy
Raley's Pharmacy
SpotRx Pharmacy
Vasco Rx
Walgreens Central Arizona (1)
Walgreens Southern Arizona (1)
XPress Care Pharmacy (3)

College Hill Pharmacy and Medical
Dean's Pharmacy
Health Depot Pharmacy
Medi Shop Pharmacy
Walgreens (5)

ABC Pharmacy
Advanced Care Pharmacy
Alan Schwab Pharmacy
Albertson's Safeway Pharmacy
Apple Rx Pharmacy
Bonnie Cove Pharmacy
Botica San Jose
Catinat Pharmacy
CBC Care Pharmacy
Central Best Pharmacy
Century Pharmacy (2)
Coffee Plaza Pharmacy
Community Pharmacy
CureX Pharmacy
CVS (2)
CVS Northern California (11)
CVS Southern California (13)
Econo Pharmacy
Eddie's Pharmacy
Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacy
Empire Pharmacy
Fifteen Sixty Pharmacy
Gelson's Pharmacy
Han's Pharmacy
Hoover Pharmacy
Imperial Pharmacy
Jurpua Valley Pharmacy
Kenneth Village Pharmacy
La Pharmacy
Leisure World Pharmacy
McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services
Medical Arts Pharmacy
Medville Pharmacy
Mintwood Pharmacy
Molina's Pharmacy
Nudos Pharmacy
OC Pharmacy
Pacific Pharmacy
Palco Pharmacy
Pharmacy of OC
Phoenix Pharmacy
Precision Pharmacy
Premier Pharmacy Services
QD Pharmacy
Rite Aid (7)
Rite Aid (24)

Rite Aid (14)
Rite Aid Northern California (13)
Rite Aid Southern California (24)
Safeway Pharmacy
Sal Pharmacy
San Jose Compounding Pharmacy
Senter Pharmacy
Shalom Compounding Pharmacy
South Marina Pharmacy
Tarzana Wellness Pharmacy
TCY Pharmacy
Tin Rx
Trinity Mission Pharmacy
Tuttle's Pharmacy

Uptown Drug
Valley Square Pharmacy
Ventana Pharmacy
Vida Drug Store and Pharmacy
Vons Pharmacy
Wagner Pharmacy
Walgreens Northern California (2)
Walgreens Southern California (2)
WeCare Pharmacy
White Cross Pharmacy
Willow Creek Pharmacy
Yasmin's Pharmacy
Zoha's Pharmacy
Clark's Pharmacy
CVS Target Fort Collins
Stacie's Apothecary Shoppe

CVS Northern Connecticut (2)
CVS Southern Connecticut (1)
Geer Pharmacy
Grannick's Drug Store
Rite Aid (2)
Rite Aid (3)
Rite Aid Bethel
Walgreens Canton

Rite Aid (2)
Rite Aid (2)
Aid Claymont
Rite Aid Harrington
Walgreens Newark
CenterWell Pharmacy
Crestview Pharmacy
CVS (3)
Davidson Drug (2)
Hope Pharmacy
MintRx Pharmacy
Reliable Super Drugs
Santa Rosa Pharmacy
Bell's Family Pharmacy
Christian's Pharmacy
CVS Atlanta
River Road Pharmacy
Walgreens Atlanta
Walgreens Macon
Young Brothers Pharmacy
Your Corner Drug Store
Longs Drugs
Walmart Honolulu

Marketime Drug
Rite Aid Boise
Rite Aid Boise
Rite Aid Boise
Rite Aid Boise
Walgreens Boise

CVS (3)
CVS Hersher
CVS Upper Alton
Del-Kar Pharmacy
Hy-Vee Pharmacy
Prescriptions Plus
Walgreens Crest Hill
Walgreens Springfield
Butt Drugs
DeVille's Pharmacy (2)
Walgreens Fort Wayne
Walgreens Wabash
Westmoreland Pharmacy (2)

CVS Des Moines
CVS Moline, Davenport
CVS Waterloo
Donlon Pharmacy
Elk Horn Pharmacy
Hy-Vee Pharmacy (2)
Hy-Vee Pharmacy Davenport
Kwik-Rx Pharmacy
Medicap Pharmacy (2)
Medicap Pharmacy Des Moines
MercyOne Pharmacy Elm Street
MercyOne Pharmacy Clinton
Nightingale Drug
NuCara Pharmacy
Oard Ross Drug
Red Oak Pharmacy
Taylor Pharmacy
Walgreens Davenport
Walgreens Des Moines
Walgreens Sioux City
Widner Drug Pharmacy
Family Pharmacy
Funk Pharmacy
F.W. Huston Pharmacy
Graves Drug Store

Hunter's Ridge Pharmacy
Kex Rx
Medicine Shoppe Great Bend
Neighborhood Wal-Mart Overland Park
Wellington Health Mart
Alexandria Drugs (2)
Barbourville Prescription Center
Beringer Drug Center
Bluegrass Drug Center
Bluegrass Family Pharmacy
Cayce's Pharmacy
Clinic Pharmacy
CVS Bowling Green
CVS Louisville
Fort Thomas Drug Center

Greensburg Discount Pharmacy
Hometown Pharmacy (7)
J & L Pharmacy
King Pharmacy
Lakeshore Pharmacy
Ludlow Pharmacy
Manchester Downhome Pharmacy
Manchester Prescription Center
Muhlenberg County Pharmacy
Nations Pharmacy
NOVA Pharmacy
Pharmacy Inc
Professional Care Pharmacy
Sacramento Pharmacy
Somerset Pharmacy
St. Matthew's Community Pharmacy
Weigel's Pharmacy
West Somerset Pharmacy
Whitehead Drug Store
Advantage Rx
Affinity Pharmacy (2)
Affordable Pharmacy
Aron's Pharmacy
Custom Scripts Pharmacy
CVS Baton Rouge

CVS Southern Louisiana (2)
Elliott Pharmacy
Franklin Avenue Pharmacy
Kilgore's Pharmacy
Medical Pharmacy West
Miller's Family Pharmacy
Northside Family Pharmacy
Palliative Pharmacy Solutions
Pearce Pharmacy
Plaquemine's Pharmacy
Professional Pharmacy of West Monroe
Spitale Drugs
St. Martin Pharmacy
Steven's Pharmacy
Super One Pharmacy (3)
Uptown Delivery Pharmacy
Walgreens Southern Louisiana (5)
Walgreens Auburn
Walgreens Lewiston

BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy (2)
Capsule Pharmacy
CVS Central Maryland (12)
Erdman Avenue Pharmacy
Express Pharmacy
Foer's Pharmacy
Geipe Pharmacy
Johnson Family Pharmacy
McKay's Pharmacy
Midtown Pharmacy
Mulvey's Preston Pharmacy
Pemberton Pharmacy
Rite Aid (6)
Rite Aid Central Maryland (3)
Rite Aid Eastern Shore Maryland (3)
Shoppers Pharmacy
South Baltimore Pharmacy
Thomas Johnson Pharmacy
Walgreens Dundalk
Walgreens Central Maryland (4)
Walgreens Western Maryland (1)
Weis Pharmacy Windsor Mill
355 Pharmacy & Medicals
Betterlife Pharmacy
CVS Boston
CVS Dorchester
CVS Eastern Massachusetts (5)
Community Care Pharmacy
Hopkinton Drug
Prime Pharmacy
Rite Aid Eastern Massachusetts (3)
Rite Aid Webster
Springfield Pharmacy
VRx Solutions
Walgreens (4)
Walgreens Central Massachusetts (1)
Walgreens Eastern Massachusetts (3)
Walgreens Western Massachusetts (2)
Abe's Drug Store
American Specialty Pharmacy
Anchor Bay Rx
Alma Family Pharmacy
A-V Pharmacy
Baars Pharmacy
Beaverton Pharmacy
Binson's Pharmacy
Bristol Rd Pharmacy
Central Lake Pharmacy
The Chemist Shoppe
CVS Central Michigan (1)
CVS Southeast Michigan (10)
Dorr Community Pharmacy
Family Center Pharmacy
Genoa Healthcare
Groesbeck Rx
Harbor Drug
Healthline Pharmacy
Hometown Pharmacy (3)
Jill's Genuine Pharmacy
K-Med Pharmacy
Kearsley Pharmacy
Kelly's Pharmacy
Lakeland Pharmacy Shoppe
Layerer's Pharmacy
Lemonaid Pharmacy
Lifesmart Pharmacy
Med Mart Pharmacy
Mcare Pharmacy
New Hudson Discount Pharmacy
One Stop Pharmacy
Pharmacy Services Downriver
PharMor Pharmacy
Premier Rx Pharmacy
Pure Health Pharmacy
Rite Aid (4)
Rite Aid Bridgman
Rite Aid Clawson
Rite Aid Central Michigan (12)
Rite Aid Northern Michigan (2)
Rite Aid Southeast Michigan (13)
Rite Aid West Michigan (3)
Romeo Plank Pharmacy
Rosedale Community Pharmacy
Sabourin's Pharmacy
Safe Hands Specialty Pharmacy
Schmidt & Sons Pharmacy
SmartRx Pharmacy
SpotRx Pharmacy
Southside Pharmacy
Venoy Medical Pharmacy
Walgreens Kalamazoo
Walgreens Wyoming

Walgreens Central Michigan (1)
Walgreens Southeast Michigan (2)
Westside Medical Pharmacy
Woodpointe Pharmacy
YouRx Pharmacy
Cash Wise Pharmacy (2)

Coborn's Long Term Care
Coborn's Pharmacy
Genoa Healthcare
Kemper Drug
Larson Drug
Longbella Drug
Thrifty White Pharmacy
Truax Patient Services
Walgreens Minneapolis
Winthrop Pharmacy
Borroum's Drug Store
Walgreens McComb
Winn-Dixie (4)

Winn-Dixie Long Beach
Country Mart Pharmacy (2)
CVS Kansas City
CVS Union

John's Pharmacy
Heartland Pharmacy
Medical Arts Pharmacy
Price Cutter Pharmacy (2)

Walgreens Manchester
Whaley's Pharmacy (3)
Walgreens St. Louis
Chinook Pharmacy
CVS Helena

Logan Health Pharmacy
Mac's CHC Pharmacy
Whitefish Pharmacy
Ashland Pharmacy
CVS Lincoln
Elgin Pharmacy
Keith's Drive-In Drug
Kubat Pharmacy
Medicine Man Pharmacy

Springfield Drug
Rite Aid Gardnerville

New Hampshire
Hollis Pharmacy

Rite Aid Franklin
Rite Aid Merrimack
Rite Aid Milford
Warner Pharmacy
New Jersey
BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy
CVS Paulsboro
Edison Pharmacy
Pink's Pharmacy
Pharmacy Plus & Surgical Supplies
Raritan Apothecary
Rite Aid (3)
Rite Aid (8)

Rite Aid Beachwood
Rite Aid North Jersey (4)
Rite Aid Central Jersey (5)
Village Pharmacy
Walgreens Pleasantville
New Mexico
Bestcare Pharmacy Deming
Del Norte Pharmacies (4)
Medicine Shoppe
Walgreens Albuquerque
Walmart Albuquerque
Zia Pharmacy
New York
Bower Pharmacy
Buffalo Pharmacies
Care Pharmacy
CVS North Tawanda
Family Pharmacy Plus
Farris Pharmacy
King's Pharmacy
The Medicine Shoppe
Medicine Shoppe Ilion
Post Office Pharmacy
Rite Aid (2)
Rite Aid (26)
Rite Aid Hartsdale
Rite Aid Le Roy
Rite Aid Massena
Rite Aid New York City (9)
Rite Aid Central New York (6)
Rite Aid South New York (5)
North Carolina
Almand's Drug Store
AlliedRx Pharmacy
Ashworth Drugs
Belmont's Drug Store
Bryson City Pharmacy
Bryan Drugs
Central Drug Store
Coastal Friendly Pharmacy
Crossroads Pharmacy
CVS Winston-Salem

CVS Western North Carolina (2)
Haywood Pharmacy
Haw River Pharmacy
HealthSmart Pharmacy
Hickory Family Pharmacy
Main Street Pharmacy
Medicine Shoppe
Mission Community Pharmacy (2)
Mitchell Drug Store
Pinnacle Pharmacy
Southside Drug
Specialty Pharmacy Solutions
Star Bright Pharmacy
Upchurch Drugs
Walgreens Raleigh
Walgreens Wilson
Walgreens Central North Carolina (7)
Walgreens Eastern North Carolina (1)
Walgreens Western North Carolina (1)
North Dakota
Wahpeton Drug

Arensburg Pharmacy
Aries Pharmacy
Barron Pharmacy
Bassett's IGA Pharmacy
Blackburn's Pharmacy
Bravo Pharmacy
Bristow Pharmacy
Campbell Pharmacy
Capsule Pharmacy
Columbus Pharmacy
Community First Pharmacy (2)
Cordant Pharmacy
CVS Columbus
CVS Central Ohio (9)
CVS Northern Ohio (9)
CVS Southern Ohio (11)
Dartmouth Pharmacy
Delphos Discount Drugs
Discount Drug Mart
Donohoo Pharmacy
Elite Pharmacy
Fillmore Pharmacy
Friends Pharmacy
Giant Eagle Lewis Center
Grund Drug Co
Happy Druggist and Plain City Drugs (4)
Hursh Bellville Drugs
Jak's Public Pharmacy
Junction Healthmart Pharmacy
Koehler Pharmacy
Kratzer's Hometown Pharmacy (3)
Kroger Cincinnati
Kroger Columbus
Lawler's Pharmacy
Lifecare Pharmacy (3)
Marc's Pharmacy
Marty's Family Discount Drugs
Medmarx Pharmacy
My Pharmacy
Neimayer Pharmacy
Newark Pharmacy
Pack Pharmacy
Progressive Wellness Pharmacy
Quay Drugs
Reed's Pharmacy
Ring's Pharmacy
Rite Aid (3)
Rite Aid (11)
Rite Aid Central Ohio (2)
Rite Aid Northern Ohio (18)
Rite Aid Southern Ohio (4)
Rootstown Community Pharmacy
Ross Park Pharmacy
Saint Clair Drug
Sardinia Pharmacy
Schwieterman's Pharmacy
Scriptshop Pharmacy
Stultz Pharmacy of Wheelersburg
Thompson's Community Pharmacy
Thompson's Pharmacy Georgesville
TWC Pharmacy and Wellness Center
Twinsburg Healthmart Pharmacy
Village Drugs
Walgreens Dayton
Walgreens Central Ohio (2)
Walgreens Southern Ohio (1)
Walmart Columbus
White Oak Pharmacy
Whitehall Pharmacy
Woodman Pharmacy
Woodville Pharmacy
Bintz Pharmacy
Bristol Pharmacy
Capsule Pharmacy
Central Drug
Center Pharmacy
Claremore Compounding Center
CVS Central Oklahoma (1)
CVS Eastern Oklahoma (2)
Family Pharmacy (2)
Green's Prescription Center
Head's Pharmacy
Health Express Pharmacy
Heritage Pharmacy II
Jim's Tower Pharmacy
Magnum Drug Co.
Medicap Pharmacy
Med-World Pharmacy

Roof Drug
Rowland Pharmacy
Tradition Drug
Tru Script Pharmacy
Walgreens Tulsa
Avalina Pharmacy
Dallas Pill Box
Medicap Pharmacy (2)
Medly Pharmacy
Murray's Boardman Pharmacy
Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy
Rite Aid (2)

Rite Aid (2)
Rite Aid Eastern Oregon (1)
Rite Aid Western Oregon (3)
Walmart Portland

Walmart Portland (2)
Albion Pharmacy
Aramingo Pharmacy
Astorino's Pharmacy
Avita Pharmacy
Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy
Bell Apothecary
Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy (3)
Burrell Health Mart Pharmacy
Cambria Pharmacy
Cambridge Springs Pharmacy
Canton Pharmacy
Circle Pharmacy
Cook's Pharmacy
CVS Hopewell Township
CVS State College
Excel Pharmacy Services
Family Rite Pharmacy
Friendly Pharmacy
Gabler's Drug Store
Heartland Healthcare Allentown
Hometown Pharmacy New Castle
Institute Hill Pharmacy
Kingston Community Pharmacy
Leechburg Health Mart Pharmacy
Mainline Pharmacy (9)
M.D. Company Pharmacy
Medicine Shoppe DuBois
Medicine Shoppe Huntingdon
Medicine Shoppe Latrobe
Medicine Shoppe Munhall
Medicine Shoppe Punxsutawney
McKeesport Prescription Center
Montgomery's Pharmacy
Rite Aid (5)
Rite Aid Beaver County
Rite Aid Centre City
Rite Aid Jeannette
Rite Aid Pittsburgh (2)
Rite Aid Sharon
Rite Aid East Pennsylvania (50)
Rite Aid Central Pennsylvania (12)
Rite Aid West Pennsylvania (23)

Thompson Pharmacy
Walgreens Homestead
Walgreens Kensington
Westmont Rexall Drug Store
Yough Valley Pharmacy
18th St Apothecary

Rhode Island
Howell Smith Druggist
Phred's Drug
Simpson's Pharmacy

South Carolina
CVS Charleston
Finklin Pharmacy
Morgan's Pharmacy (2)
Walgreens Pacolet

South Dakota
Cigna Home Delivery
Shopko Hot Springs

True Care Family Pharmacy
Long's Drug Store
Sullivan's Hometown Pharmacy
Vet Approved Rx
Absolute Rx Pharmacy
Ace Pharmacy
Advanced Pharmacy
AKO Pharmacy
Aledo Medicine Store
Alphascript Pharmacy
Amarillo Pharmacy
Anne's Pharmacy
Apollo Pharmacy
Autrey Pharmacy
Avita Pharmacy
Ballpark Pharmacy
Bao Chau Pharmacy
Ben Franklin Apothecary
Best Care Pharmacy
Best Rx Pharmacy
Brazos Hybrid Pharmacy
Bruce and Human Drug
Campbell Pharmacy
Canal Rx
Capsule Pharmacy
Cash Saver Cost Plus Pharmacy
City Drug
Clarendone Outpost Pharmacy
Coastal Pharmacy
Community Pharmacy
Compounding Corner Pharmacy
Collinsvlle Pharmacy
CVS Harlingen
CVS McKinney
CVS Eastern Texas (8)
CVS Southern Texas (5)
CVS Western Texas (2)
The Daily Dose Pharmacy
DFW Alliance Care Pharmacy
Divine Grace Pharmacy
Dr. Deano's Pharmacy
Easy Care Pharmacy
Eminent Rx
Fairmont Pharmacy
Family Pharmacy Care
First Rx Choice Pharmacy
Fusion Rx Pharmacy
Genoa Healthcare (3)
Graham Pharmacy
Groveway Pharmacy
HEB Pharmacy Austin
Hippo Pharmacy
Houston Care Pharmacy
Hovic Pharmacy
Hunt's Pharma Rx
Hunter's Creek Pharmacy
IBO Pharmacy
Jay's Pharmacy
JW Pharmacy
La Fe Pharmacy
Lavon Pharmacy
Legacy Pharmacy
Lela Pharmacy
Leland Pharmacy
Long Prairie Pharmacy
Maxor Specialty Pharmacy
Medi-Park Pharmacy
Medic Pharmacy
Medly Pharmacy (2)
MedPro Pharmacy
MGS Pharmacy
Mobilecare Pharmacy
Nane's Pharmacy
National Central Pharmacy
Nau's Enfield Drug
P & A Care Pharmacy
Pearland Holistic Pharmacy
Pharmacy Plus Northlake
Pharmacy Plus Waco
Pharmacy Toi
Plano Pharmacy
Precise Drugs
Primed Pharmacy
Ready Pharmacy
ReNue Rx
River City Pharmacy
River North Pharmacy
Roosevelt Pharmacy
Roseland Pharmacy
Sam's Club Grapevine
South Post Oak Pharmacy
Southpark Pharmacy
Super 1 Foods Pharmacy Corsicana
Total Pharmacy Solutions
TPC Pharmacy
Treasure Pharmacy
Trinity Med Rx
Tulson Pharmacy
Twin Oaks Pharmacy
Vitapharm Pharmacy
Walker Pharmacy
Walmart Katy
Walgreens Eastern Texas (4)
Wellcare Pharmacy
Westy's Pharmacy
Beauchamp & O'Rourke Pharmacy
Greater Falls Pharmacy
Harry's Discount Pharmacy
Hotel Pharmacy
Marble Works Pharmacy (3)
Pharmacy Northshire
Southern Drugs
Walgreens Burlington

Walgreens Morrisville
Woodstock Pharmacy
Walgreens Northern Vermont (2)
CVS Lynchburg
Hancock-Lambert Pharmacy
Rite Aid (2)

Rite Aid East Virginia (2)
Rite Aid Norfolk
Rite Aid Norfolk
Rite Aid Williamsburg
Bartell Drug (2)
Bartell Drug (4)

Bartell Drug (7)
Bartell Drug Lower Queen Anne
Bartell Drug Seattle
CVS Seattle
Darrington Pharmacy
Island Drug
La Conner Drug
Luke's Pharmacy
Northwest Pharmacy
Overlake Pharmacy
Park's Pharmacy
Pharm A Save
Pharmaca Medly Seattle (4)
Rite Aid (11)
Rite Aid (6)
Rite Aid Seattle
Rite Aid Seattle
Rite Aid Seattle
Rite Aid Tacoma
Rite Aid Vancouver
Rite Aid Eastern Washington (1)
Rite Aid Western Washington (3)
Walgreens Seattle
Walgreens Seattle
West Virginia
Fruth Pharmacy 
Gregg's Pharmacy
Nightwatch Pharmacy
Walgreens Parson
Hometown Pharmacy
St. Germain Hometown Pharmacy

Walgreens Milwaukee (3)
CVS Jackson
Medicap Casper
Medicap Pharmacy

Other Closures Reporting
Hy-Vee Pharmacies Iowa
Rite Aid Closures
Rite Aid Pennsylvania
Wyoming Independent Closures
Rite Aid Closures Philadelphia
Alaska Pharmacist Shortages

Iowa Statewide Closures
Kentucky Independent Closures
Pharmaca Medly Closures
South Dakota Statewide Closures

Shopko Pharmacies, SD
Washington Statewide Closures
"C" States
"D" States
"F" States
"G" States
"H" States
"I" States
"K" States
"L" States
"M" States
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Other Closures



Nicole Arbogast, PharmD Class of 2024; APPE at Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

Emily Drake, PharmD Class of 2024; APPE at University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Elena Patestos, PharmD, Wilkes University/Weis Markets Community-based Pharmacy Resident

Jason Pepe, PharmD Class of 2024; APPE at Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy 

Emma Reed, PharmD Class of 2025; University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Tran Trinh, PharmD Class of 2024; APPE at University of Washington School of Pharmacy

Supported by Faculty Advisors

Jennifer Bacci, PharmD, MPH, BCACP, Associate Professor at University of Washington School of Pharmacy

Sophia Herbert, PharmD, Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Nicole Pezzino, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES, Associate Professor at Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

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