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If you are interested in expanding or improving the vaccine services at your pharmacy, check out this resource from the National Community Pharmacists Association: A Guide to Implementing Vaccine Services in Community Pharmacy.

It has everything you'll need including business analysis and vaccine coverage and reimbursement. Consider how your pharmacy practice could reach more patients and contribute to the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases by expanding your vaccine services. Don't have the time? Consider collaborating with a resident, student, or pharmacy faculty member at a nearby college/school of pharmacy to get the ball rolling!

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An opportunity for CPESN pharmacies, colleges/schools of pharmacy, and student pharmacists to contribute to their communities has come to pass through the work of the University of Washington and Fred Hutch Research Center to help patients register into a database to make them eligible for COVID-19 vaccine trials.

CPESN has been working with the COVID-19 Prevention Network to incorporate community pharmacies into this large-scale effort, and they've responded enthusiastically about the idea of using trusted, local health care professionals to help register their patients and neighbors. Faculty, staff, and student pharmacists can be a part of these efforts!

It is estimated that 1.5 million persons will need to register into the database to help researchers determine who to call on to participate in the trials based on a number of factors like: geography, work status, commuting method, age, conditions, etc. Click here for more information on the COVID-19 Prevention Network.

How to help:

  1. Go to: and register yourself.

  2. Consider how your college/school of pharmacy can help these efforts. Check out and share the link with colleagues and students. Encourage student organizations to include Operation Warp Speed in their community outreach efforts!

This is a 100% voluntary effort, yet it is also an opportunity to contribute and represent the pharmacy profession well. At the end of the registration, there is a space for a site code. CPESN's site code is: RXRX or RxRx (not case sensitive). Use it! It will help in tracking our collective contribution.

Thanks for taking a moment to contribute and spread the word!

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The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative was recently highlighted in the Beyond the Sig podcast. Listen to the episode here!

During this episode of Beyond the Sig, Stephanie McGrath, PharmD sits down with ACT Task Force members and fellow CPESN network facilitators Jenny Bacci, PharmD, MPH, BCACP, Assistant Professor University of Washington School of Pharmacy and Megan Smith, PharmD, BCACP, Network Facilitator for Arkansas CPESN and Assistant Professor at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to learn more about how CPESN, ACT and Flip the Pharmacy are all uniting to mobilize and amplify innovation in community pharmacy practice.  

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