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Welcome to the Academia-CPESN Transformation (ACT) Pharmacy Collaborative


The ACT (Academia-CPESN Transformation) Pharmacy Collaborative is an operational learning and ACTing collaborative between schools of pharmacy and established clinically integrated networks of community-based pharmacies.  

We invite you to formally join the ACT Pharmacy Collaborative by submitting a Dean's Statement of Commitment for your college/school of pharmacy. Make sure your college/school joins the Collaborative so you can be included in our webinar discussion series!

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This Collaborative is supported by a grant from the Community Pharmacy Foundation.

Upcoming Events

  • October 1st - 4th, NCPA Convention, Kansas City, MO

  • October 15th - 18th, ACCP Global Meeting, San Francisco, CA

On behalf of our ACT Pharmacy Collaborative Grant Team, we look forward to hearing from you!


The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative 50 Stories from 50 States Multimedia Library is now available! Explore the multitude of impactful patient care stories from across the country here.

The Community Pharmacy Practice Transformation Curricular Framework is now available! Learn more about the framework and its domains here.


Colleges and schools of pharmacy that have joined the Collaborative!

Download the act pharmacy collaborative BLUEPRINT
Download the act pharmacy collaborative PATIENT CASEBOOK
Download the act pharmacy collaborative BROCHURE


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